Trust The Process….

In the fullness of time, the Lord makes things happenIn the fullness of His time, He will rewrite your life’s narrative of disappointmentHe will show up and breathe life into the dry valley of your love lifeHe will say, ‘Child, those past hurts were not a life sentence‚Ķ I have someone better suited for you..’He will remember you exceedingly, beyond your imagining He will wipe … Continue reading Trust The Process….

The Black Mare

“What plot twist you were” she said to the reflection of herself in the mirrorYou were a bright yellow shirt in a wardrobe full of black, brown and blueYou were the cackling laughter in a room of people who only know how to grimaceYou were extraordinary in a sea of mediocrityYou dared to be different but they were not ready for that changeYou lived life … Continue reading The Black Mare


YES answers the question you haven’t asked It makes sense when a chuckle says more than a phrase It explains the question lurking in my eyes Should I say it…or spin a thousand lies It’s a connection of two hearts The coming together of lost parts It’s a small word….YES But loaded with meaning…. It could be the signing of a deal The signal for … Continue reading YES


I can’t stop them from speaking to me A resounding beat in the silence of my head Am I going crazy? I have always been a tad insane But it’s not the same, it’s like I’m on a different plain… Please stop… But really, don’t Because in that cacophony, there’s calm A peaceful thought, so near, yet drifting… fading away Quietly and softly as if … Continue reading Voices


“A lonely night had me thinking, What happens when ‘this’ is all over? Do we go on living in our separate worlds? Being alone,yeah,guess it feels like hell But from the bottom of heart, I wish you well Maybe the tide will rise and l’ll be fine, Or my fortune will change,but who can tell? As sure as l know that heaven is true, If … Continue reading J.A.M