#WinterABC2020 #Day22 @AfroBloggers

Day 22/22 and I’m not sure how I feel about the #WinterABC2020 coming to an end…. I joined the challenge during the first weekend (no post break) and I remember sitting by my favourite sunny spot in the lounge and working on each post, scribbling furiously in my diary…thinking to myself what have I done? But it was something @AfroBloggers had tweeted about for a … Continue reading #WinterABC2020 #Day22 @AfroBloggers

#WinterABC2020 #Day21 @AfroBloggers

I decided to share with you a post I first uploaded on my Facebook page then on this site in April 2019. The working title is Resilience and I felt that it made sense to remember my fighting spirit in a country that has gone stark, raving mad!!! Someone said only the rich will continue making money during this pandemic and everyone else will wait … Continue reading #WinterABC2020 #Day21 @AfroBloggers

#WinterABC2020 #Day20 @AfroBloggers

What makes an event memorable or life changing is what you learn from it My father’s memorial service changed my life for better and for worse. I was young but came to the realization that my father and his money was the glue which held us and his relatives together. With him gone, things began to unravel. What was meant to be a gathering to … Continue reading #WinterABC2020 #Day20 @AfroBloggers