Introducing Me….

“Tell me about yourself?”

Usually, I roll my eyes and shape my mouth to utter the word “Well..” Call it a reflex action or whatever, but I’m so used to doing that.

I think you would agree with me that it is one of life’s most difficult questions…. How do you answer it without giving everything away or how do you answer without sounding like you are blowing your horn too loudly???

She seems like a sweet person… Sunny personality but she has claws… Trust me, she has sharp and pointy claws

I will play it safe and say… I am Precious. A mother of one (love my son to bits). I have been told that I am a complex character…have no defense against this. I am in touch with my emotions that if I like it, I go all the way and if I don’t, well that’s a story for another day. I am loyal to my friends and family because I love hard and stand up for them. I do not enjoy getting even when people wrong me…hey, let karma do her job but sometimes…and rarely, I do get nasty (no one is perfect hahaha). I love cricket, oh yes!! I also enjoy Korean dramas, soppy romances, reading , baking, photography and the outdoors. Winter is my least favourite season and if I could, I would have sunny days always, because the blue sky and sun are the best therapy I can ever get…and for free.

I have a dream of being a published author one day and when I hit you up with the my published work, I hope you will sit up and take notice…..the sun.jpg